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Form Instructions

Step 1

When you download and open the Form. Click on Enable Macros.

View instructions as per the screenshot.

Step 2

After Enabling the Macro. You will see a Database Form to start entering your Member Data. Some Field are Mandatories. You can add as many members as you need by clicking on add new member.

Always update and Save after each member.

Make sure you add all dependents related to the member (employee) before you enter a new member (employee)

A guided help and comments  on the right yellow section is provided for all member fields.

Form will calculate automatically the insurance premium  based on your chose table of benefits, Groupe Size , Salary bracket, etc…

View instructions as per the screenshot.

Step 3

You can save and re-open your form as many times as needed. Anytime you re-open your form, Don’t forget to Enable Macros if needed.

You have also the option to open the database form by clicking in the excel sheet on the related ( Click here to fill the form ).

View instructions as per the screenshot.

Once you are ready and all your information is complete, you can upload the form  and book your appointment to submit your payment and register your emirates Ids.

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